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Project Execution Strategies

Highly analytical and versatile strategies applied for successful project execution.

Project Management

  • Determine Project Phases or Life Cycles
  • Determine Project Processes
  • Establish Stakeholders' Conditions for Project Success
  • Maintain Team Organization & Regulations

Project Coordination

  • Maintain Technically Integrated Scope
  • Define the Projects Objectives & Functional Requirements
  • Facilitate Solutions with Scope, Time & Cost Factors
  • Train & Transfer Projects Technical Results


  • Develop a Communication Plan
  • Determine Information Distribution
  • Control & Store Project Documents


  • Develop Procurement Plan
  • Establish Purchasing Materials
  • Define Sourcing Plan
  • Develop Contract Administration Guidelines


  • Define Activities
  • Develop Work Breakdown Structure
  • Sequence Activities & WBS
  • Analyze Duration & Constraints
  • Develop a Team Schedule
  • Implement Schedule Management

Quality Management

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control

Risk Analysis

  • Identify & Plan Project Risk Areas
  • Analyze Project Risk
  • Mitigation Project Risk
  • Implement Required Risk Recovery
Project Change Analysis

During the life of a project objective, frequently predicting, implementing and analyzing cost, scope & time are required through managing change.


Scope identification is based on a specific need such as, a business opportunity, market strategy, safety condition, or legal requirement.


Time requirements are specified from durations and constraints acknowledged in the scope identification, which ensures timely project completion.


The cost criteria are established based on the need for project resources, materials, expenses and owner capital purchases.
Project Assimilation

Scope, time & cost are vital foundations for balancing Project Execution Strategies.

Identifying & assimilating key strategies enhances the opportunities for successful project results.
Project Concepts, Objectives & Strategies

A project concept is a specific and distinct objective initiated by anyone at any level of an organization or group; resulting in a unique product or service. The objectives are achieved by performing fundamental project execution strategies.

PM/PC Direct, Inc. is a leader in the area of managing and controlling Concepts, Objectives & Strategies. Our Project Management, Project Controls, and Engineering staff is experienced in the most current tools and methodologies for successful project execution.

Our leadership provides a cohesive environment for your project teams to be efficient and successful; meeting your project and business needs.
Scope of Services

  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Cost Management
  • Communication
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Assimilation
  • Change Analysis
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